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Well, it’s less than 36 hours before the presents …

Well, it’s less than 36 hours before the presents get opened, and…I’m pretty much screwed. Grandma’s Feather and Fan socks are finished at least, but not even the first sock of my Dad’s pair are done yet. About a week ago I was going to blog about how I was nearly done the second of… Continue reading Well, it’s less than 36 hours before the presents …

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In Which I’m Very, Very Lazy

Okay, so I’m tired and lazy today, so you get a voice post. It’s about 10 MB, will take a couple minutes to download, and you don’t actually have to save it to your hard drive to listen. Enjoy! Bonus Links: Peacock Feathers Shawl, Fiddlesticks KnittingSwallowtail Shawl, Interweave Knits magazine, Fall 2006 IssueKnit One, Kill… Continue reading In Which I’m Very, Very Lazy

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Knitting Makes Everything Better

Eheheheheh, yeah. We can all see how well I’m doing at the posting-with-regularity thing. Anyway. Today got off to a bad start (I was awake when my alarm went off, I swear! Why my body decided to go back to sleep until one hour after I was supposed to be at work, I don’t know)… Continue reading Knitting Makes Everything Better