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My freeze-frame-fu is strong

You know you’re a sad, sad little knitter when you’re watching a movie and you have to catch yourself from spending too much time examining the knitwear. So of course that’s exactly what I’m doing. Particularly considering I’m watching A&E’s Shackleton, and as a great deal of it takes place on board ship there are… Continue reading My freeze-frame-fu is strong

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A Tale of Two Socks (and Blogs)

Well here we are, at the new blog!  Hopefully everyone remembered to update their bookmarks; I have all my previous posts transferred over here, so if you’re just arriving, you can browse through the archives here. I decided to move the blog as Blogger was basically just annoying the heck out of me on a… Continue reading A Tale of Two Socks (and Blogs)

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"Mrs. Fairfax had settled into a corner with her knitting…"

Well here I was thinking that the photos I took of the socks I’m making in Lisa Souza yarn were going to be sadly outdated by the time I got them up on the blog. Then, with both heels turned, I actually tried them on. You can see where this is going, right? I had… Continue reading "Mrs. Fairfax had settled into a corner with her knitting…"