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My freeze-frame-fu is strong

You know you’re a sad, sad little knitter when you’re watching a movie and you have to catch yourself from spending too much time examining the knitwear.

So of course that’s exactly what I’m doing. Particularly considering I’m watching A&E’s Shackleton, and as a great deal of it takes place on board ship there are lots of cozy-looking sweaters. Not terribly intricate or detailed sweaters–Shackleton’s brown sweater with basketweave pattern in the top third of the torso is about the most elaborate–but it’s rather amusing to spot some gansey construction techniques thanks to the DVD resolution and my proximity to my laptop screen. I’d rather like to make a copy of the Shackleton gansey for my own use. Particularly as I made one a few years ago for a teddy bear I have that’s constructed in an old-fashioned style.

Okay, so now that my geek moment for this post is done, on to the knitting! I promised pictures of the Swallowtail Shawl when it was blocked, and here they are.

I really liked this pattern, and as I said in my last post, once I just kind of decided that I would just take one row at a time, it breezed along like no one’s business. I’ve worn it a couple times to work, and I’ve had a couple co-workers compliment it. One, after after apologizing if this didn’t sound like a compliment, said it looked like a spider’s web, it was so delicate and light. I told her that of course it’s not an insult, and naturally mentioned that there are lace patterns called “spider lace” and a weight of wool even finer than what I’d used for this shawl called cobweb weight. 😀

Now that that’s done, I’m plugging away at the Shetland-which-must-not-be-named, albeit slowly. A few rows here, a few rows there, and eventually it’ll get done.

I’ve also started a new pair of socks, in some lovely semi-solid Koigu KPM. It’s a nice dark olive green, or it looks brown in some kinds of light. This suits me perfectly as I have a pair of corduroy pants that do the exact same thing, in the same colours. At the moment I’m working on a cabled pattern, as I wanted something sort of traditional, rustic and fisherman-y to go with the colour. No progress pics on that yet, as I’ve only just started the cables; I’ll take some when the pattern is more established.

Oh, and since I posted last, I got a ballwinder. It’s amazing, and I wound up the Koigu in a jiffy thanks to its help. I actually wound it up a couple of times, as I always found some slight imperfection in the ball to excuse winding it up again. 😀 You know what they say about simple pleasures.

Oh, and back to the subject of Shackleton, I’d highly recommend it. It’s a fascinating story, all the more so because it’s true, and it’s one of those historical movies where even though you know how it’s going to end, it’s riveting nonetheless. Kenneth Branagh is excellent in it (okay, he’s also totally hot) and the sweaters and snowy scenery are making me itch to knit something while watching it. Not to mention that I love the music from it. A&E really needs to put out a compilation CD of themes from the movies they’ve done, as I could listen to the music from a lot of their movies over and over again.

It’s a few years old (five years–or maybe almost six. It was late in my second year of university, that it aired, I know that) but you can probably still find the DVD to rent, and I got my copy from a secondhand video store. It shouldn’t be too hard to get through Amazon for a good price, either.


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