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The Swallowtail Shawl is finished! *punches air and makes the international symbol for “ROCK ON!!” with her hands*

Finished it last night after a couple hours of doing the last couple chart rows and the finishing rows. Technically I know that does not necessarily count as “finished” as the shawl still needs to be blocked, but the actual making of the shawl is complete. I’d have blocked it tonight and left it to dry overnight, but my brother and his fiancee are coming to visit and so it’s probably best if the guest bed doesn’t have a whole bunch of pins in it (especially if the pooches are coming).

Obviously I could un-pin it tomorrow morning and re-make the bed, but I’d have to do that before I went to work and that would require getting up earlier than I’d prefer, ie: before 9am. I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination, which is why I love the fact that I’ve been moved to running the smallest branch on Saturdays. Start at 11am, end at 4pm and I’m the only adult staff person there. Sounds pretty good to me.

Photos will wait for the blocking process, as I can just as easily take a picture of a lumpy mound of laceweight before I pin it as I could now. Now, back to that epic Shetland shawl project. It has been named, but I dare not say it here, lest someone in particular see it. Not that it’s a gift (ahahaha, give away my first shetland shawl, yeah right. I’m not that nice a person) but they’re bound to like the inspiration behind it and so I’d rather they not find that out until it’s finished, and there’s a small chance they might decide to take a look at my knitting blog.

Until then, victory dance!


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