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Knit, purl, cough, wheeze.

Well the weather outside is frightful, and I’m still suffering the tail end of a cold that won’t go away (8 days and counting!) so naturally, what was a girl to do on her day off, but curl up in front of the TV and knit? šŸ™‚ Actually, I’d been hoping to make a trek to Grimsby to go to a new yarn store that opened recently, Stitch, but with the weather and my cold I elected to stay in bed. Looks like that trip’s going to have to wait a couple weeks as my work schedule and the fact that I need to coordinate with the Greyhound schedules means no yarn store visiting for a while.

First, I bring you photos of the finished Chalet Socks that I mentioned finishing in my last post:

Possibly not the best photos of a sock ever to be seen in blogdom, but I’ve yet to perfect the art of taking a photo of a sock that happens to be on my own foot. Unfortunately I’m the only person in the house with a ladies’ size nine-and-a-half foot, or anywhere near it, or I’d get someone else to model it for me while I took the picture.

For the last couple weeks I’ve been steaming ahead on the Swallowtail Shawl out of Ruby-coloured Jaggerspun Zephyr laceweight that I started last year and neglected for far too long. I’m not entirely sure why I left it so long, either. I stopped knitting on it after the first row of nupps in the first Lily-of-the-Valley chart as I remember those purl 5 togethers were a pain, but somehow when I picked it up, it was no biggie. Maybe the day I tried to do it just wasn’t the right day, and I couldn’t spot the pattern and put it in the…well, it’s hard to explain, but the kind of condensed form lace patterns seem to take on when I manage to memorise them, at least for that row. Though I seem to remember that it was the “p5tog” that were the major problem as it seemed impossible to get the needle in under all five loops. I don’t think I’ve gained any experience as a knitter in the meantime that’s made it easier.

Whatever the reason, when I started up a couple weeks ago the nupps weren’t a problem at all, and I’ve breezed along up to where I am now, a simple two pattern rows from the end of the edging chart. Then it’s just the finishing rows and blocking, and whee, I have a lovely new shawl!

It’s certainly good timing, too, as hopefully this way I’ll get to wear it to the library’s Christmas party, and also because I’ve got an idea for another shawl. The source of the inspiration?

Edward Scissorhands. No, really. I’ve got this really cool idea for it burning up my brain and I know exactly the type of yarn I’d like to do it in. Of course that would require ordering more yarn and I think I’ve got quite enough of that already. As proof, I submit these photos of my storage system as exhibit A:

Yes, that is what it looks like: a shoe organizer from IKEA. A couple hooks in the back of my door and it’s a yarn organizer and reminder system–as in, reminding me when I see cool new yarn that I shouldn’t buy any. Or reminding me of projects that I’ve got yarn for that I should do before I do anything else. Though one big plus to it is that when I open the door to my room I get this nice waft of air carrying the smell of wool to my nose. Well, when my nose isn’t plugged up, of course.

Of course that photo was taken before there were a couple additions to the organizer…

A Swell Yarn Shop Solo Sock yarn in Bauer Blue and Bauer Red. No, that purchase has nothing to do with the name being similar to that of a certain character on a certain tv show. Nothing at all… *shifty*

Okay, it does. But I mean come on, like I needed the extra incentive as OMG, gorgeous yarn!

I’m also forging along on the River Rapids socks I’m doing in Fleece Artist Sea Wool, in the Marine colourway, and oh, this stuff is heavenly. So soft, with a lovely sheen and nice bright colours. I can’t wait to finish; I’ve got both socks about to the point where I should start the ribbing, as I’m doing them toe-up.

But first, time for some cough medicine, I think. Happy Thanksgiving to any Americans that stumble across this and hope the turkey’s delicious!


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