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End of Summer Vacation

Whee, I’m not dead. The summer and fall have been fery busy so far, what with Summer programs and then quite a bit of staff turnover in the fall. Our schedules are pretty nuts at the moment, so when I’ve been getting home I’ve pretty much been in the stare-at-the-TV/computer-and-drool. However, I was talking to someone I met in the knitting section at Chapters earlier today and gave her my blog address, and as she might be visiting soon I figured it was probably about time to get off my butt and update.

Even with all the bustle of work, I have been knitting, though! I’ve been working on a couple of lacy things, but as it’s the end of Socktoberfest, I’ll just list the finished pairs of socks, namely:

1) Lorna’s Laces Sailor’s Rib socks that I mentioned debating about in my last post. Nothing really special about these, they’re just warm and comfy.

2) “24” socks. I made these out of White Oak Studio‘s TV Yarn, in the “24” colourway, which, not surprisingly I had to have as soon as I saw it. I love this yarn–so soft and smooshy and gorgeous colours. I have another pair’s worth in the “Casablanca” colourway that I have to get to at some point, once I’ve knit up some of the older yarn in my stash.

3) A pair of Pomatomuses (Pomatomi?) using Blue Moon Fiber Arts‘ Socks that Rock in the “Love in Idleness” colourway. These were kind of serendipitous as when I received the yarn I was kind fo disappointed in the colours. I had seen it on a number of monitors, but it the colours had always looked brighter than they did in the skein. However when I decided to knit Pomatomus in this yarn, I quickly realized that it was perfect for the pattern. The yarn is colourful enough to make gorgeous spirals around the socks, but subtle enough to really show off the pattern. Just perfect.

4) A pair of Chalet Socks from Folk Socks, in Hand Jive Knits‘ Nature’s Palette “Zinfandel”. I just finished these this afternoon as I was sitting at the desk before work. I quickly switched them with the socks I was wearing and my feet are all lovely snd toasty warm in my Mary Janes at the moment. They’re lovely socks, and I think they’ve given me a mania for twisted stitches. I love the crispness of the little cables.

On a sadder note, the yarn store in Niagara Falls is closing, which makes one less local yarn store I can get to, if not often. I went out there on Wednesday and got a few things, scoring a couple hanks of laceweight and a discounted yarn swift. I’ve heard there’s one that’s opened in Grimsby–Stitch–but I’ll have to see what it costs/how long it takes to get there on the Greyhound, and I doubt I’ll be able to get there often. But if I can get there once or twice and see what they have I can always mail order, though that’s so not the same as actually going to a yarn store. I already miss being able to stop in at a yarn store here in town and browse with the chance of actually buying anything.

Anyway, enough of me blathering for now; hopefully I’ll get some photos up soon. Oh, and one of the reasons I’ve been scarce is because I’ve fallen in love with Ravelry. I’m knitwit1912 on there, so go ahead and say hello! For anyone in the Niagara area, there’s also a new group on there: Niagara Knitters. I’m already hoping that there’ll be enough locals to organize a knitting group here in town, as my work schedule might not let me go to the one at The Fine Grind much longer. *crosses fingers*


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