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A Minor Setback

Well, things were going really well on the Felted Manpurse, at least until last night.

By about 10:30 last night I’d gotten it to the stage you see here, with the body done and about halfway done the flap. Great progress! Sure I’d be finished in time to felt it and block it while drying before Thursday!

And then I happened to whack my right index finger against the bathroom counter. Very, very hard. So hard that I thought I must have broken something, though forcing myself to bend my finger through the pain obviously proved that nothing was. Didn’t prevent me from letting out a whispered stream of curses, though.

So instead of knitting for hours last night, I spent the time with my index finger tucked between two icecubes, wrapped in a towel. This morning when I woke up it was so stiff and sore I couldn’t get back to sleep, but over the day it’s loosened up and doesn’t hurt as much so there’s hope. I finished the flap and did the I-cord bind off and actually I think it’s helped get some of the flexibiltiy back, as earlier I couldn’t curl my finger around the yarn and now it only hurts when I curl my finger as tightly as I can.

Here’s hoping it hasn’t gone all stiff again tomorrow, as I need to do the felting then. Of course it wouldn’t be Jack Bauer’s manpurse if things didn’t go badly wrong at the 11th–er, more like 23rd hour and there was a race to the finish, the outcome uncertain until the last minute. šŸ˜‰


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