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And She’s at the Finish Line!

Crossed the finish line!

Finished the beaded pendant bag today after picking up beads at the bead store to do the chain. I actually finished the bag part last week, just dragged my feet getting the beads.

In lieu of getting to stand on the podium, I bring you pic spam:

Voila! The bag and chain in all their glory. The colour of the scan is accurate, though of course you can’t really see how prettily the beads sparkle under the light. And of course the colours are perfect for the Knitting Olympics–a rich red for Canada, and, of course, gold. 🙂

The beaded bag, with two rulers thrown in for scale. I could maybe get a couple toonies in there (for you Yankees, those are two-dollar coins), but not muhc else. Obviously, it’s an ornament, not a useful bag.

And finally a smaller one showing the detail of the beads I used for the chain. I used leftover #10 seed beads in the red, as well as #10 in that dull gold, and I found those beautiful, Victorian-style diamond beads and had to have them, even if they were a little mroe expensive than I wanted to spend. But hey, this is a special project, might as well splurge. Plus the thread and beads to make the bag were so inexpensive, really; only about $7 Cdn.

I loved making this one, too. It’s actually extremely simple–all you need to know is the knit stitch, casting on and casting off, and there are some short rows at the bottom of the bag to make that shell shape. In fact, I liked it so much that I started another beaded bag, this one with black thread and silver beads. I also bought a book of beaded handpag patterns from Swallow Hill Creations and I can’t wait to try those as well.

Heading off to Toronto for the Closing Ceremonies with other members of Team Canada, and I can’t wait to see some of the things I’ve been seeing on the community blog in person, meet my fellow teammates; as well as to meet the President of the IKOC (International Knitting Olympic Committee), the Yarn Harlot herself.


2 thoughts on “And She’s at the Finish Line!

  1. Hee!

    I’m not a knitter, but I kinda landed on your page by accident… and noticed your Team Trent logo on the right hand side. I’m a Trent Alumni (96) and love the “Small School Big Hearts Infinate Passion” tagline you’ve got on it.

    Cute bag!

  2. Thanks! I thought that the tagline pretty much summed up Trent. It’s a small school, but the studnts really care about it and about the world. I miss it–but not the course work. 😉

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