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Brainwashing the Next Generation

I can’t believe how excited I am at starting the Knitting Olympics tomorrow. Seriously, I keep eyeing the strung beads and ball of thread and my hands just start itching to pick up the needles.

One. More. Day. I can last that long, right?

Part of it may just be from the fact that I’m purposely delaying pleasure which makes me even more eager to begin. It’s like Christmas–even when you know where the presents are stashed, you wait until the 25th because it’s more fun that way.

In other fibery news (sort of), I had my first Toddler Time storytime in the new session today.

Yeah, I know, explanation of how that fits in with knitting.

One, just so you have some background, I am a librarian. Well, technically a librarian assistant, but as most people will be unaware of the fine differences between the two, librarian it is. Part of my job is doing programming for the library, and I’ve been given the task of doing the 24-to-40-month-old storytime. This is actually my first full session; I was hired back in October, jumped into the Toddler Time deep end with a couple sessions last November when someone was sick, and the post-holidays sessions at the library I was supposed to do them were cancelled, so I’m doing it at a different branch.

Anyway, the connection with fiber comes with the theme I did today: sheep. I read a couple stories (Sheep in a Shop by Nancy Shaw, and Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep by Teri Sloat) and did the usual nusery rhymes, and as I couldn’t find a good active song for the kids, I brought in some unspun roving I have and gave them some to use for their craft–a little cardboard sheep with pipecleaner legs, as well as a couple other things. The kids really enjoyed it, which was the important thing.

Anyway I’ve put a bunch of Olympic-appropriate music on my iPod; now I jut have to wait for tomorrow. 20 hours, 58 minutes and counting.

ETA: Woohoo, figured out how to post the buttons myself! My knitting blog has bling, yo.


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