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Projects! Too Many Projects!

Also, for posterity, Stuff I Am Knitting Right Now:

  • Lace Sampler scarf – I’m loving this project, as basically what I do is flip through various books (Including Folk Shawls, Lace Knitting and the Barbara Walker treasuries), and when I see an interesting pattern I knit it for a few inches. When I’ve had enough I do six rows of garter stitch and find something else. It’s a nice project to pick up and put down whenever I feel like it. Not to mention that the Kid Seta I’m using (laceweight mohair/silk blend) is to die for. It looks beautiful so far–so light and airy and elegant.
  • The Neverending Shawl – so called because a friend asked to make it for a fried of hers um…a year ago? And I’m nowhere near finished? Bad me. Though that’s partly because I’ve ripped it out about 10 times, trying to decide how to knit it. Flirted with a Faroese design, then with a centre-increase triangle, but both of those, combined wiht the requested use of moss stitch, were breaking my brain for some reason. So now I’m doing a simple point-to-edge triangle with YO increases and a garter stitch border.
  • And of course, as of Friday, the Pendant Bag – I’m doing this in a gorgeous, rich burgundy, with slightly darker beads. I’ve been eyeing a sample in my LYS for ages and when I was trying to think of something to do for the Knitting Olympics, I suddenly realized that beaded knitting was probably the one thing I wanted to learn/try but hadn’t yet, but that could also had the chance of being completed in the time frame available. (I haven’t done a sweater yet, but there’s no way in hell I’m finishing one of those in two weeks–at least, nothing I’d like.)

I’d also like to start the Jaywalker socks with some variegated Regia I got in Toronto ages ago, but I think that’s going to have to wait until after the Closing Ceremonies.


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